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Productivity Hacks to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

By on Monday, June 9, 2014 in Productivity, Social Media | 0 comments

Tanya Bradford

Let’s face it we’re all busy and bombarded with constant demands for our time.

Maintaining engagement online is just one more thing to add to the list.

So I thought I would let you know what I use to keep my finger on the pulse.

Here are my top 5 Productivity Hacks to make the most of your online participation and engagement.

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Productivity Hacks


If you subscribe to a few news services it won’t take long before you end up with loads of emails clogging up your inbox.

Low priority emails piling up in my inbox makes me feel distracted and disorganised.

Plus there is the potential I could miss something really important amongst the clutter.

The solution to this problem is to use an RSS feed.

I use Feedly and in the “settings” I auto remove “content older than one week” so I’m only scanning the most current information.

Using an RSS feed allows me to view multiple news feeds simultaneously, in one location, when I’m ready to consume the information.

The other advantage of using an RSS feed, over reading the same content in an email, is I can share interesting content directly to my social media platforms.

Reading List  Reading List

Do you scan Twitter, or browse the Internet, and see something interesting but realise you don’t have time to read it right now?

Then you think “I’ll find it later” but if you remember it takes you ages to find it, if at all.

Sound familiar?

The solution is to send it to Pocket.

It works similar to an RSS feed but contains the unique content you have collected.

You can collect articles and videos plus you can save directly from Twitter, Pulse and many more applications.

Pocket also works across all your devices so you can catch up on reading while on the go.

Schedule  Schedule Social Media

I’ve written about the importance of scheduling to save time before.

If you’re trying to engage with people, the few times you check in on Twitter each day, you will spend most of that time replying to conversations.

With a tool like Buffer you can sit down for a session of scheduling content and then you and can sit back and relax.

Scheduling with Buffer is easy and flexible – you can reorganise your posts, insert a new one, or delete ones you no longer wish to share.

Browser  Browser Extensions

For me the more the merrier!

I’ve even found I’m interacting with platforms, I only previously dabbled in, a lot more.

I was recently inspired by a great post on Pinterest by Ashley Faulkes and noticed Rebekah Radice always optimises her GooglePlus content for sharing on Pinterest.

Now armed with a handy Pinterest Chrome Browser Extension I can pin content directly from any web page I land on.

After the Deadline is another extension I’ve adopted recently thanks to a post by Courtney Seiner.

The basic premise of this extension is that it proof reads everything you before publish.

Say goodbye to typos in your comments and social media posts!

Task  Task List Organiser

I use WunderList, which syncs across all my devices, to keep track of my tasks.

If you set yourself tasks, tick them off as you go, you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment, as well as free your mind for focusing on more creative endeavours.

What are your Productivity Hacks?

Do you have a favourite browser extension or RSS feed you can’t live without.

Leave me a comment below or via Twitter @TanyaBradford or GooglePlus +Tanya Bradford.  You can also now find me on Pinterest.

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