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Steps to follow for impactful email campaigns

By on Monday, June 30, 2014 in Design, Email Marketing, Writing | 0 comments

Tanya Bradford

Email remains a staple in the marketing mix for many products and brands.

Mainly because an email campaign can deliver real-time results with clear return on investment (ROI).

I have included some considerations for your next email campaign to ensure you obtain maximum impact.


1. List Quality

How better to speak directly to your customers and clients than via your very own customised email list you have built.

I would avoid purchasing an email list, unless you are 100% assured it is specific to your needs.

There are multiple ways you can use your website to build an effective email list.

Whether it’s in the form of a pop-up, a permanent side panel, a giveaway offer to subscribe or a competition.

Kevan Lee, Content crafter at Buffer, provides a comprehensive post on this topic backed by blog experts. 

He believes the winning formula for email list building is having amazing content + clear calls-to-action.

Analyse the way your website attempts to capture subscribers and start building a more effective list today.

2. Platform

If you already have a quality email list in place the next consideration for your email campaign is how you are going to set up and ultimately measure your ROI.

There are a number of great tools available.

MailChimp is particularly easy to use and offers great analytics that track your performance with interactive graphs and information on which subscribers “opened”, “clicked”, “bounced” and “unsubscribed” in response to your email campaign.

You can also filter for subscribers that you didn’t reach and send them a modified email campaign.

3. High Quality Content

An impactful email campaign should provide high value content to your subscribers.

It should engage and capture attention from the subject header through to the final email sign off.

One word of warning though is to make sure you deliver on your promise.

Melonie Dodaro, Top Dog Social Media, also cautions against using high value headlines that fail to deliver follow up content: “The more integrity your content quality maintains, the more credibility you gain”.

Keep the writing style personal, use friendly and engaging language, triple check for spelling and grammatical errors and put in a strong call-to-action.

4.  High Impact Design

Once you have nailed the content it is time to consider how you want to package your communication.

The design of your email will have a huge impact in the response rate.

One of the biggest considerations is to make sure your email looks good when it’s opened on a computer, mobile or tablet device.

Responsive design is a must for any email campaign.

View this post for some great insights on mobile email habits at KISSmetrics.

For email design templates and framework tools read this by Cameron Chapman.

If the idea of designing a responsive HTML email fills you with fear you should definitely engage the services of a creative designer.

5. Timing is everything

Working out the best time to send your email campaign can be difficult and is highly dependent on the industry you are targeting.

As a general rule of thumb most people read their emails in the daylight hours versus night time.

Similarly more people are inclined to read emails during the week rather than the weekend.

Be guided by your analytics and learn from your experiments.

6.  Use Analytics to follow-up

Once you have sent your first email in a campaign you need to forensically examine all data obtained.

Take away some key learnings and modify your approach in follow-up emails.

You may need to modify the message for those you didn’t reach and experiment with different times to send the email.

Consider using sub-lists to test different strategies on those subscribers with lower click-through rates.

Final considerations

Email marketing is ultimately an extremely effective way of reaching clients and customers but you need to cut through noise with good messaging, design and capitalise on your analytics to build success.

Add to the conservation!  Tell me your Email Marketing Success Story or share your Number 1 Pro Tip. 

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